4Gamers.be Launched

After months of intense labor, togheter with PHP Developer Jens and Designer Michiel, I am pleased to announce that the new website 4gamers.be has reached the stadium of public beta. To make the whole website work, we used PHP, CodeIgniter, MySQL (MyIsam and InnoDB), Varnish and Memcache.

4Gamers is een nieuw belgisch gaming portaal dat nu een groot aantal van de (ex) 9-lives redactie bevat. Op de website vind je reviews, previews, specials, trailers, screenshot en de nieuwste releases. Buiten game nieuws richt 4Gamers zich ook voor een deel op esports en hardware. Zeker een website om eens te bezoeken!

Technical Aspects


It was the first time for me to do such a large scale project in CodeIgniter and I have to say CodeIgniter did dissapoint me on several points. The more I used CodeIgniter, the more I noticed that it was lacking basic features (or perhaps I suck at using Google?). First thing I can think of was the session class… I prefer to store my sessions in memcacge, but CI only has two choices (flat file or database).  Sure, you could extend the class and rewrite it. But I am not using a framework to do all this AGAIN.


Varnish is always a breeze to use. Clear config files and it is slightly faster compared to Squid. The only issue encountered was while using Invision Power Board behind the proxy. It would not properly recognize whether or not a user is logged in (we base our caching on a certain cookie name & value combination). This results in no proxy caching being enabled on the forum… This is quite dissapointing as it can quickly become the backbone of all conversations on 4gamers. Sure enough I’ll find a solution…

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